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A Spectrum of Recruitment Consulting Services

Over the last five years, the healthcare industry in the United States has undergone dramatic change. The shift from volume-to-value based reimbursement, coupled with an exacerbated physician shortage and growing concerns about efficiencies and cost-control, has impacted how healthcare organizations approach their medical staff development planning. The evolution has required hospitals and medical practices to become more astute and innovative in their recruitment initiatives requiring their recruitment partner to possess a keen sense of shifting market conditions and adaptability.

With our Recruitment Partnership Solution (RPS), Cejka Search can help accelerate your recruitment department’s results. Our consultants have over 30 years of experience working with healthcare organizations of all sizes and offer a consultative approach that includes a phased recruitment solution:

Phase I: Assessment - We perform an initial full assessment of your internal recruitment process and benchmark the data to compare to industry standards.

Phase II: Recruitment Consulting - Experienced consultant onsite and recruiters assigned to your facility to augment your efforts while implementing best practices.

Phase III: Transition - Includes complete implementation of outlined best practices and an almost full transition of recruitment processes back to your organization. (But we are always here to help).

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