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Cejka Search is a national leader in physician search, offering hundreds of healthcare organizations a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining the right doctor.

Discover Hard-to-Find Physician Talent

From in-demand primary-care providers to the hard-to-find medical sub-specialist, Cejka Search provides innovative and custom-crafted physician recruitment solutions delivered with exceptional first-class service.

Control Physician Recruitment Expense and Minimize Search Process Distractions

Healthcare organizations save thousands of dollars in market expense and hours of staff time spent progressing through a lengthy recruitment process in order to screen out unqualified candidates. Every moment spent researching, revising sourcing strategies, budgeting for advertising, justifying source effectiveness, or simply renewing an on-line ad, is time better spent focusing on what you and your organization do best: delivering exceptional patient care and expanding your organization’s vision and mission.

Hire Your Physician Candidate-of-Choice

A physician’s interests, loyalty, and employer choice are predicated on a number of specific factors. In today’s healthcare landscape, it is not uncommon for candidates to receive multiple employment offers from competing medial practices and organizations. In fact, as the physician shortage continues to climb and the demand for non-physician providers rises, remaining in contention for top-tier talent will take finesse and enhanced, up-to-date, market intelligence in order to outpace your competition.

Cejka Search is the go-to-partner to help guide you and your organization with up-to-date healthcare industry knowledge and thought leadership compiled through our extensive experience and success with similar clients. Additionally, our continuous pulse on the candidate market (from those in training to those nearing retirement), affords a unique perspective into the latest benefit and incentive drivers most desired by highly sought-after physician candidates. It all combines to provide you with a competitive advantage in hiring your candidate-of-choice.

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