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A Competitive Edge to Recruit and Hire Physicians, Healthcare Executives, and Advanced Practice Talent

Cejka Search is a nationally recognized and award-winning search firm that has delivered recruitment services exclusively to the healthcare industry for more than 35 years. Every day, we provide hundreds of practices, medical groups, hospitals, academic medicine organizations, and health systems, a competitive edge in identifying, engaging, recruiting, and retaining top healthcare talent.

Cejka Search’s healthcare recruitment services cover more than 120 medical specialties and sub-specialties – including the in-demand primary-care practice areas -- along with the entire spectrum of C-Suite, Senior Vice President, Academic Chiefs and Chairs executive disciplines and advanced practice and non-clinical provider support. Our proprietary network database and relationships with over 900,000 candidates, ensure our client partners the leverage to reach a diverse population of healthcare talent.

Cejka Search’s tenured and highly experienced recruitment professionals offer clients keen insight into today’s recruitment and retention challenges. That expertise, combined with access to hundreds of advertising and industry association partnerships, generates recruiting solutions that help clients:

  • quickly, and effectively, market their search;
  • maximize candidate interest and engagement;
  • increase their organization’s overall speed-to-hire; and,
  • create an employer-of-choice brand in a highly competitive recruitment environment.

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